14 February 2021 



Dear Comfort Lover,


Today I write to give my steadfast commitment to you and tell you that I have never been surer that we are made for one another. 


Every Kiwi comfort lover knows that a home connected to gas is luxuriously comfortable. Toasty winter evenings spent snuggling on the sofa, lavishly long hot baths and creating and enjoying countless delicious dinners together. Gas energy and comfort lovers are the perfect pairing.     


But recent events might have shaken you, even given you cause to question our connection and ask, “Is this the end?” The recent Climate Change Commission draft report on reducing New Zealand’s emissions recommends no new natural gas or LPG connections after 2025, with the phasing out of these gases by 2050. 


That might sound scary. Around one in four Kiwi homes is currently energised with gas. But I want you to know that our love affair is far from over. In fact, the future for us is bright. 


Natural gas will still be coming down the pipes well after 2025.


There is plenty of natural gas to supply New Zealand’s homes and any new gas appliances you install, for decades to come. That’s why, for now, you can connect or stay connected with confidence. Piped natural gas is still one of the cheapest ways to heat your water, and an efficient way to heat your home. Gas remains a great energy option when it comes to comfort, cost and control.


All good relationships evolve and change over time. Reducing our carbon emissions and moving towards 100% renewable energy is necessary. While natural gas and LPG might not be energising our future beyond 2050, zero carbon gases like hydrogen and biogas will be. Our gas network is already 90% ready to send these gases down the pipes to Kiwi homes. That’s exciting and a great reason to stay connected and join a new generation of comfort lovers who can be confident that their choice of gas energy is good for the planet too.   


So, this isn’t an ending. It’s just the beginning of a new journey for us to an even better future together. 

Aroha nui,

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Keen to find out more about the future of gas in Aotearoa?

Over 425,000 gas customers (natural gas and LPG) across New Zealand and growing.


Kiwi homes connected to gas contribute less than 1% of NZ’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

Plenty of natural gas.


We’re confident homes and businesses will be able to use gas energy well into the future. 

Clean-energy gas is on the way.


Lower carbon and zero emission gas like hydrogen and biogas are being developed and trialled right now.